I Got Soul.

What is a soul? Does everyone have one? Do i have one? How about you, do you have one? can you feel it? can it hurt you? can you give it away to someone else? can you just get rid of it? so many questions. 

Let’s speak for a moment as if everyone did have a soul, the driving life force behind everything that you are and are passionate about. 
I say that i leave my heart and soul on the dance floor every time i dance. Is your soul just where your passion comes from? 
Is is maybe the voice inside your head that tells you whether what you are doing is right or wrong? is that the part of you that leaves when you die? that little voice? is that the part of you that floats around the room during an “out of body experience?” or when people get into accidents and have brain damage and can no longer communicate as functioning individuals, i know part of it is the fact that they are in fact BRAIN DAMAGED, but did their soul leave? how about the catatonic? they are like blank sheets of paper. that would bring up the question, “does the soul make you…you?” i don’t know.

can you let your soul out? when you harm yourself, are you also cutting little pieces of your soul away? or do you think that it is already gone by this point?? 

hmph. now i have a head ache internet. and i still don’t understand, but thanks for being here when i just need to shut up and type.